Crane Rental Service Providers

Your crane rental needs are distinctive to the job required, whether that be construction, loading and unloading of freight or assembling heavy equipment.  There is no such thing as one-size-fits-all hydraulic cranes.  Grand Davo Crane Service possesses a variety of crane types and sizes, and they are all available as crane rentals.

A truck crane is mounted on a vehicle, allowing easy transportation of the crane to and from the worksite.  Our trucks are highway legal, eliminating the need for special crane transport equipment.  Once on-site, out-board rigging stabilizers extend horizontally from the chassis and can be adjusted vertically to fit the terrain and keep the crane and its load stable.  We offer four different truck cranes with four different load capacities:  25-ton, 33-ton, 50/60-ton and 75-ton with boom reaches of up to 127 feet. 

A rough-terrain crane is mounted on a flatbed undercarriage with an engine that moves the vehicle as well as runs the crane.  These are used primarily for pick-and-carry purposes in off-road, rough-terrain conditions.  Similar to a truck crane, these carry crane rigging which stabilizes the machine on hillsides and uneven ground.  Grand Davo Crane Service offers crane rental of three different models:  22-, 28- and 50-ton versions with maximum tip heights ranging from 113 to 157 feet.

Finally, we offer rental of all-terrain cranes.  These combine the rough-terrain, on-site mobility with the ability to travel on roads and highways.  Our cranes have either four or five axles, which provide all-wheel drive and allow for heavy-load pick-and-carry operations.  We rent out 100-, 120-, 165- and 240-ton all-terrain cranes, which vary in boom length from 167 to 197 feet.

Grand Davo Crane Service has been offering Michigan crane rental and Indiana crane rental since 1979, and we’ve rented hydraulic cranes since 1983.  From humble beginnings as a heavy-duty towing and recovery service, we have now grown to a well-known and respected interstate crane rental company.  We now boast the largest crane in the Midwest:  our 240-ton Grove crane.